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藤永 美欧 Miou Fujinaga


(Holy great Blues Singing Batman, What next?)….

Musician and singer Miou Fujinaga in Tokyo

No, not Cat Woman–It’s Lovely Japanese Songstress Fujinaga Miou (pronounced: Mee Yoh)

YYC (& co.) had a chance to listen to some of her songs while in Roppongi, Tokyo (May).

While I can’t profess to be a connoisseur, Ms. Fujinaga’s soulful renditions of traditional Japanese music crafted with the contemporary was impressive. Miou makes the traditional things NEW with her own spin. She has a blue-sy, melodic voice that captures the emotions and truly is worth your listen.

It is a creative way for we ‘gaijin’ (foreigners) to understand Japan more and for ‘nihongin’ (Japanese) to reacquaint themselves with what a rich culture exists to be re-explored.

Last year, she performed at the Japanese Film Festival celebrated in Florence, Italy. Firenze 2009.

She was recently touring in St. Maarten, sharing her original music beginning 29 June.

Fujinaga-san has a scheduled gig NOT TO BE MISSED in Tokyo: July 14. (Please note the following contact and performance details!!!) WE wanna go! (Gambare Masu!)

14th July(wed)French Independence Day*CROSS OVER*

*宙UNIVERSE Summer Fest.vol.3 *2nd Anniversary*

Cerulean tower Tokyu Shibuya2F*J’z Brat sound of Tokyo*

More details—
JZ Brat (Booking)


OPEN  17:30
START 19:00(40min. Opening Act)
DJ Patrick Bommard, Japanese Drums(Wadaiko)
20:00 Miou on stage

ARTISTS:Miou(Vo.)、 Sumito(Pf.), Hide(Japanese drums)、 Rayzan(Japanese Fruit)、Miyuki(Cello)
Patrick Bommard(DJ),OKD(VJ),、Ryuichi(AD) Guest:Yusuke(Vo.)

Mita! Check it out!

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7 Responses to “藤永 美欧 Miou Fujinaga”

  1. Stewart Says:

    Now she’s a real Hottie. You’ve been holding out on us Cherry girl.

  2. yumyumcherry Says:

    Miou IS Gorgeous!

    ….But, I will personally Hit you with a Bat if you aren’t respectful to her because she is my ‘Japanese’ daughter. (^0^)

    Truly, if you can get out to her performance, you’ll be amazed with her vocals. She is one very talented (yes, and Very Pretty) girl.

  3. KevinWarden Says:

    Does your friend Miou have any gigs lined up in the US? Thanks, Kevin

  4. Jaron Wojciech Says:

    Look you in Italy Roma on ROMICS show ?

  5. yumyum Says:

    grazie tanto -(^0^)

  6. Britny Forbes Says:

    Where can I hear Meow’s music? Does she sing background on Rob Thomas’ new single?

  7. LVLoves Says:

    I LoveLoVeLOVE the new Chanel Jacket-Thx so much!!!!!! Kara

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