06a Tweed Jacket

Chanel's 06a tweed jacket Chanel 06a Tweed Jacket side view

This ’06A Tweed Jacket is YYC’s pick for the crowd that really doesn’t “get” Chanel, but HAS to find a piece. Nicely done if you’re paid to wear that with your Yurman Earrings and Pommery PINK Pop Champagne (okay, well, she probably DOES drink that….)

Kate Moss in 06a Tweed Oct 06

However, corporate contracts aside, this is not a Chanel lover’s first choice. It’s a bit Horsey for the CC crowd (afterall, can you really picture that with your VINYL Cabas bag?) and where are all the logo’s? Hummmmmm. This is a tough one.

two 06a jackets Chanel 06a Tweed Jacket buttons

We’ve seen it as a suit and most of the women buying this–either AS a jacket OR as an ENSEMBLE Do Not Look Like Kate Moss. In fact, they Look more like Pete Dougherty. That said, the ad campaign has not suffered. Not a YYC Endorsed Jacket.

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