Monthly Archive:: April 2007

Shower Power

Wow. I guess this is the morning excitement that I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

Vuitton denim patchwork Speedy

Not Quick Enough — YYC bagged two –count ’em— TWO Louis Vuitton SPEEDY bags in the

Favorites: Trio of leather cleaners

On topic, keeping all those goodies refreshed (If only I could apply this to…well,….ME with equal

Cabbage Leaf Manolos

Just Missed St. Paddy’s Day where I could have worn my Philip Treacy Corned Beef Hat…..

Tom Ford opens retail space on Madison

…but his women Wear Chanel. Glad he’s pays them well. Okay, Tom Ford–Gucci’s fashion magician of

The status of Stratus

The STATUS of STRATUS- ooooohy, Looooouis! Love this luxe quilted LV beige tote with adorable bakelite

Balenciaga 2007 Catwalk pumps

Balenciaga-Paris. Show Stopping (even if only to cart away the model with the broken ankles) Catwalk

Favorites: Blister Medic first aid for feet

Not a bad idea to keep in the glove box–especially if Louboutin and Balenciaga are in

2007 Alaia at BDG

Hey Mom, Have you seen my erector set???? Forget it, ‘Little Jimmy.’ I guess this newest

Forget Kansas, ‘Toto,’ We’re in Boca Raton

Transistor radios, Microwave Ovens, Colour Printers and Now–Luxury Toilets. I’ve got to admit, this is a