Monthly Archive:: August 2007

“Hallmark” Tote

Well, ‘Maybe this is for those times when you care enough, just not enough to send

Men’s Fragrances

Dubai has to top the list of places to track down men’s fragrances. Sorry, Italy. Seriously,

Tokyo Tower Bust Pudding

Now why hasn’t HOSTESS done these? I mean, we have Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs. How ’bout

Use your Noodle

Or Chili Beef Ramen. I’ve lived at Wagamama’s for years. Okay, not literally (but my 19

Koroshi with Patrick McGoohan

I remember watching this with my mother when I was eight years old. No WAIT, I

Japanese School to Test Chopstick Skills

Japanese School to Test Chopstick Skills By Associated Press TOKYO — Students need not apply to

YYC’s Favorite Leos: Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Coco Chanel A pause to honour the woman who is the thorn in Karl’s side.

YYC’s Favorite Leos: Gretchen

One of the dearest and most talented women I have the honour of knowing. Happy B-Day!!!!!

Jimmy Choo Black Patent Leather Boots

These Boots were made for Gawkin’ Wow–Long, lean patent black leather Jimmy Choo boots–ready to go

YYC’s Favorite Leos: Motoko-chan

Happy Birthday, Motoko-chan! Best wishes for a year ahead filled with a new Bunkyo address, Japanese