Monthly Archive:: September 2007

Eyelashes at Bat

Tokyo Lash Bar by Shu. Okay, I know, it’s great to have nice eyelashes, but I

GANDY (Somebody wrap him up for my birthday, okay?)

Be still my heart. English Talent—model David Gandy (who used to, believe it or not—DELIVER Cars

Those two horrible brown eggs in the plastic bag

Okay, do these look like testicles to you? They do to me. I’m afraid. If they

Manly, YES, But I like it Too

Men’s Pocky. Not to be confused with the transgendered Pocky that JAL dishes out at snacktime.

Confectionery West

Confecx West as I think of it in my LA Speak. Groove to the Dry Cakes.

MBT sneakers: Masai Barefoot Technology

Okay, I bought them. I actually shelled out my $250 for a pair of grey (the

Japanese Ivy (Rokudai) 六大

Of course, the cutest boys go to Keio. Just a personal opinion — think of it

Chanel Tulipe Noire nail polish

Chanel Tulipe Noire –Not VAMPED enough? Ever in the pursuit of wickedly goth nails, the cosmetic

YYC’s Favorite Virgos: Sophia Loren

Happy Birthday, Sophia Loren!

Yummy Knows Best: Eating Out

Hey Yummy– IF I go out to eat with people, am I supposed to pay, do