Monthly Archive:: November 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women

Photo: Okay, to completely shatter my image as a raging ‘Fashionista’….I don’t actually WEAR fragrance.

Prada Lip Gloss

First of all, for the Japanese market (and yes, Motoko, this means you) it’s the perfect

Eres Tu?

Ah Mocedades, where are you now? I really wish I was too young to remember that


Oh PLEASE call this ‘Bé samé — these Spaniards get pretty testy. Okay, I bought this

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from YYC!

INDY 500??

‘HOT LEGS–I love you, Honey……’ This should get you humming Rod Stewart. And, there’s nothing he

Anna Sui

We love her Cherry Drop earrings (of course) not to mention the YUMMY CHERRY Necklace (both

Happy Birthday, Owen

Owen Wilson–November 18 (Yeah, HRH-The Prince Charles is November 15, but we’d still rather see the


So, What do Yertle and I have in common other than my garage? WATERMELON JUICE. Ah,

SpraySun Self-Tanning Collection from Harrods

This is probably the best product on the market today. I say this because I have