Monthly Archive:: April 2008

Chanel: Images of Summer

Chanel: Images of Summer photos by (Guess who) Karl Lagerfeld model-Claudia Schiffer Again Claudia appears as

Hallmark Hall of Fame (Shame?)

Okay, I think there is something mildly disturbing about ceramic fairies atop slices of pepperoni pizza.

Shanghai Surprise

Shanghai Surprise (Madonna, eat your heart out…as if you have one….ouch.) Okay, enough ‘Madge’ bashing… Shanghai

Pierre Hardy at the Gap

Thanks to 歌川国芳 for leading us to the new Gladiator trend. Just think: 11 pairs for

Tokyo RMK Colours

Mixi dots (sort of like that Dippin’ Dots ice cream that tastes like crap but is

Ueno Park–yumyumcherry blossoms

They say timing is everything, and in our case, this Japan trip proved the case. Warmer

Limited Edition SAKURA Cherry Kit Kat

photo: JList “Mum’s” the word. This is the treat that dutiful Japanese moms put in their