Monthly Archive:: August 2008

G’day and G’luck….

Well, guess an oxygen tank blew the big one in the fuselage of the Qantas jet

Anaphalactic Shock and Burnt Croatian Snacks

Ah, the tribulations of RYANAIR. Okay, so I’ve been known to try to tote my between

Try NatWestBest

A man who chose “Lloyds is pants” as his telephone banking password said he found it

¡Nadal is Number 1!

Kudos from YYC to Señor Nadal. Damn, muy caliente sizzle. Where were you when I was

Facelift for Clue

How COULD Parker Bros. eliminate the Notorious Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum from their updated ‘CLUE’

Rigby and Peller…

…or how I discovered I was a 34 F. (Sounds like a job code with the

Lovely Linda

Lovely Linda–Evangelista, that is….shows she has managed to weather all sorts of storms from aging (43)