Monthly Archive:: May 2009

Not a Paper Towel

Oh BLUE Q— “Anya” So doesn’t have one on you. I am not a ‘Barbie” Clone,

Serge Lutens Ad

I’m not sure exactly what Serge Lutens is advertising here….maybe mimes? Hope the new fragrance is


Yeah, I’ve sent out false alarms before, but it’s TIME! Swing that cyber gavel and let’s

Finders Keepers

Yeah, I’ve stayed at places where mints were placed gently upon my bed at turndown service.

Tokyo Romantic

Whiffffff ‘o’ Nihon. Brought to you by It’s Demo. Wheeeeeee. Naturally Calvin Klein might want to

Champagne by Ferrari

Ferrari, not just a ride anymore. Bubbles or Bust. Whee

Erickson Beamon for Target

Erickson Beamon. My first introduction to this line came via the ground floor of Harvey Nichols

David Gandy, Eye Candy

(Make that “‘AYE’ Candy) sigh. I digress. While I may have from time to time been

RMK Spring Translucence Spring 2009

RMK. ‘Real Makeup Kudasai’? Hey–I LOVE this cosmetic line. Bought a stash at Isetan in Shinjuku….