Monthly Archive:: June 2009

Frédéric Fekkai Hair Color

Frédéric? I guess one is to infer that Mr. Fekkai is suggesting we do our own

Sergio Rossi for Puma

Sergio Rossi (one of yyc’s fave shoe designers) has done a special selection of signature items

Tokyo Subway Map for iPhone

One can never have too many Tokyo subway maps….(or the JR’s for that matter) Konnichi wa…..and,

Fendi vs Pierre Hardy scuba shoe

Gee, I guess this is said to be the most sincere form of flattery. That said,

Moroccan Oil

Rock the Casbah. Or at the Very least Shampoo it. Just discovered this wonderful product that

Fast Scrunch Flats

Fast Scrunch Flats—–PRADA From the country that brought you the Maserati and Ferrari and Lamborghini….whether you

Chocolate Chip Chihuahuas?

ENDING PUPPY MILLS ONE COOKIE AT A TIME! Jan Yasuda-Tiffany You go Girlfriend! What beats white

Oatmeal at Starbucks

99 cents or bust. Oatmeal. Now, while $2.49 a pop (unless you buy it in tandem

Fly Free with Southwest

Fly Free with Southwest. By that I mean Bra-less. Okay, riddle me this Batman….how is it

Tanning in Tokyo

Good Luck (Gambatte) finding a bronzer in Tokyo. Seriously. I look as white as a dead