Monthly Archive:: September 2009

Minx nail coverings

Minx nail coverings. Think ‘press on linoleum for your fingernails’…… Okay, the idea is trendy and

HipWrecked—INCORRECT (ad)dress

HipWrecked—INCORRECT (ad)dress Not that I don’t groove to Alex McQueen–his tailoring skills are divine. But Neiman

Yeah, it’s sort of reptilian…..

Yeah, it’s sort of reptilian….. So, other than $1,600 and some change what IS the difference

The joys of Day Glo

The joys of Day Glo. AKA where is my black light poster and lava lamp? According

Woofy Wear

Yeah, well, IF YOU say so, Wendy…… Not that Pepe (pooch upper left corner–you know, the

Martin Margiela Knit Boots

I’ve loved Martin Margiela since his days of designing simple, well tailored separates at Hermes. In

Japanese Jazz

Sort of ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ J-style. Talented songstress, Yoko Sikes, treated us to an evening

Death by Chocolate

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE ….No, like, really (REALLY) “Oh Fudge”—what a way to go….. Apparently, Vincent Smith

Bring on the Welcome Wagon, Ardna

My first thought was that she would probably have a coronary if she ever saw Notre

Just Say NO!! (NO!!) to No!No!

Okay, so I thought….$150 vs. $499 (NOT $500—what a relief–Thank you Madison Avenue)…….I mean, how HAIRY