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Barbie’s Cankles…..

Uhmmmmm. Well, apparently M. Louboutin (who does indeed speed a lot of time looking at female

Blue Roses in Japan

Blue Roses for a Red Lady….Is that a song? Another of those things not found in

Personal Appearance chez BDG

Thursday, October 22 aka Catherine Deneuve‘s birthday!!!! Where? At Bergdorf Goodman (bring lots of plastic!!!). The

Wake up Mr. Bardwell — or your Parish may Perish

Wake up Mr. Bardwell–or your Parish may Perish. In the United States (yes, Louisiana–that means Y’ALL,

Shoe Shock 2009 Fall

Shoe Shock 2009 Fall. (and in these…you just might) Another McQueen Moment. While his skill as

Bursting Bubbles, Toil and Troubles

Amidst the flurry of financial downturns in international consumer spending markets, Yohji Yamamoto is finding more


Buckle your seat belts, kids—it’s getting weird. Okay, well, I’m all for people loving their pets.

Cartier on a budget?

Cartier on a budget? Well, not generally synonymous, indeed it appears that the French Luxe Joaillier

A Little BULL

YYC spied this new invention (Oh Golly) while making the urban rounds. RED BULL in shot