Monthly Archive:: June 2010

Lingerie for Lads?

Okay ‘Boys’….yep, there may be some of you who look better in a bustier than Madonna.

Playboy Male Passion Cocktail

Good News Ladies: PLAYBOY Sexual Prowess herbal enhancer for men. (Smoking Jacket and Silk P.J.s NOT

Fractured Father’s Day

Well, Father’s Day evolved into another one of ‘Those’ Holidays (まさかの…………) It was hard to find

A New Stanford Alumnus!

Congrats to Christopher—B.A. International Relations. Of course, in my mind, he is still four years old.

Henna Hands

Henna Hands. Knew I should have bought that scarf at Hermes. Darling Daughter Juliet and Dashing

Walk for Life 2010

Another year to lace up and make a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness (of course, you

Harris’ Steakhouse

You know what it’s like when you pay a large tab to celebrate something, but the

Vuitton – L’ame du voyage 2010 luggage catalog

Okay, well, YYC…..having actually traveled throughout East Africa with our maximum 40 lb allowance of luggage

eBay: French Fried

Apparently, as of November 30 last year, LVMH (Louis Vuitton, baby) will not allow eBay vendors


Feliz cumpleaños. Espero que va a ganar el ‘French Open’ Por supuesto, usted. … Y, usted