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Let them EAT Cake—’Cupcakes, for the Cause’

Let them EAT Cake—‘Cupcakes, for the Cause‘ — October 1 is the day–frosting is included. Certainly

VIA-Starbucks. 12 Li’l pkts of Joe for 9.99.

VIA-Starbucks. 12 Li’l pkts of Joe for 9.99. (EXCEPT WHENEVER I GET THEM, SOMEONE HAS TAMPERED

Ummmm Wasabi KIT KAT—

What’s next? Little crunchy bits of eel between the wafers? I gather these are for the

Conspiracy Theory—

or Why I never did trust those Little Elves in the Hollow Tree. So, I’m hunting

Lanvin platform wedges

Lanvin — Hiver ’10. This is decidedly one look that I’m not quite able to fathom.

Oishi Ribbed Cracklings

Oiiiiiishiiiiii desu, ne? (hand over mouth as I giggle) Yeah, it’s ‘Oishi’ Pork of the Philippines.


Probably better than permanent ink (under the circumstances). Couldn’t you really say it better with flowers….?

H & M 4 U & Me!

Mais Oui! Lanvin has announced that Indeed it is launching a capsule collection for H&M (previews

How Bored exactly IS Jen Hubley, the About Today Editor?

It sure seems like a lull at the ‘ole mail station if Ms. Hubley has time

Barneys 2010 Fall Men’s Collection

Ahoy Boys! Well, as far as I am concerned, no visible GQ fare present or accounted