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Penny Bertucelli, Uranian Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Ms. Bertucelli is the author of several books on the Uranian Method of Astrology (Planetary Pictures).

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

….or so ‘they’ say (not sure who, but someone does…..). Well, In this case, perhaps there

Splendour in the Grass

AS IF—-Well, ‘the times they are a changin’ (Bob Dylan, Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty aside….)


Sung to: The Crying Game: I know all there is to know about the Walmart Game….(bad

I love watching my neighbours watch TV…

Finally, a commercial that I look forward to seeing— Thank You, ALLY BANK These ads are

Zen in a Bottle

Now, that’s my kind of Buddhism….. well, actually–it’s ‘RELAXZEN‘ and IT WORKS. Unfortunately, It took me

Want a Birkin BIRKIN?

Want a Birkin BIRKIN? Well, this is your chance. Jane Birkin has long participated in different

Move over Godzirra, It’s ‘SHARK-TO-PUS’

Brought to you by master of this genre: Roger Corman (Stanford Grad-nudge, nudge Christopher). If you’re

Pack your Chute?

Well, according to Net-A-Porter (and I actually went to their London office several years back and

Jen & Bob

Well, in a world a flush with Libyan No Fly Zones and Japanese Nuclear and Natural