Monthly Archive:: October 2011

My Guru: San

Dateline NYC-YYC had the unprecedented pleasure of meeting UBER talented make up artist and PARFUMER ‘San’

Frankly Franco (overachievers anonymous)

Initially I was not mesmerized by Mr. Franco’s talent. (as in ‘James…who?’) As fate would have

PINK’S, Los Angeles Dogs

Okay, so it’s a “Legend” in Hollywood. It even has its own Wiki page. We saw

L’Artisan Parfumeur: L’Eté en douce

Yeah, the people that brought you all that FIG Fragrance that was ‘The RAGE’ several years


September 11. 2001 Horrific, Tragic Events that Changed America and the way that I view My


The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA will feature an exhibition of the Collection of the

Teflon Wicket

Stunning British Actress/Model Liz Hurley, 47 (Gemini: GO TEAM) announced…well, okay, tweeted her engagement to Aussie

Arrivederci Italia

Amanda Knox FINALLY Exonerated for the murder of Kercher (roommate) at her appeal in an Italian

Trials and Errors…..

Paging Perry Mason. Dr. Michelle Cooper (emergency room physician who attended to Michael Jackson and pronounced