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Japan Power of Harmony

Okay, admittedly, I am a gaijin (surprise)—-but, hey, they are broadcasting this promotion in the USA.

Post (OSCAR)

As I watch Natalie Portman 9+ minutes before the Oscar gig begins (and silently wish she

Run for the Cure Pink Ball

Friday: It’s that time of the year again!!! Run For The Cure: PINK BALL Dateline Tokyo-February

OMEDETO!! pink Birkin 40cm

Ah, those IRONIES of Life. Behold, Fuchsia Birkin (and handsome-chan, Kyo) I had owned a Kelly

Christian Louboutin “Daf Booty”

Christian is goin’ Downtown. Behold “Daf” Booties by Christian Louboutin (aw c’mon order both pair—they’re so

Sherry Hola!

When we met in Tokyo Midtown last May, Ms. Yamaguchi was wearing a black wrap Diane