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Man or Kin?

Sometimes when you surf around listings online—you run across some “iffy” examples of presentation. I mean—do


Is it me or does gun slingin’ Homeowner Assasin George Zimmerman (that paranoid f*ck that killed

Sakura American Style

Sakura American Style-100 years worth of hanami in America. Cherry Blossoms galore, the Annual festival in

Why Planes Crash

Wow, three hours worth of: ‘Why Planes Crash…’ Probably shouldn’t watch this since I log more

Karuna hydrating treatment masks

No, It’s not the reMake of ‘Halloween’ and THIS IS NOT A HOCKEY MASK. kaboom. No,

Troupe or Dare

They’re here…..Referring to the girl scout cookies. (I knew I should have done my crunches) sigh

First Anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake

A year ago, March 11, 2011, the Great Tohoku Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami changed Japan FOREVER.

Demerit MARC

Ah, well, Mr. Jacobs is quite the visage in pink and black for Paris’ Fashion Week.

1945-2012: Hey Hey….OH NO! NOT the Monkees….

The ‘Manchester Cowboy’ (aka Davy Jones) died yesterday of a heart attack. The TV Sensation was