Monthly Archive:: May 2012

Filthy Rich?

Behold, Money Soap. I guess this works for the Big Boys who don’t want to bathe.

Blue Man GROUP?

Well, now even WALMART has gone fancy Botany on us all. YYC has been spoiled by

Jude Frances

Need a Staple for your Favorite Graduate? YYC’s are Claire and Cameron!!!! Hard work and Great

I Love to FIKA

—and I would definitely love to FIKA with Johan (actor John Prescott)…and sure, you may think

Happy Mothers’ Day

We all have them. Some are better than others. I had The Best. and If at

What are they selling, part deux

Okay. This is…. like…. what I dream of IF I eat a loaded pizza before I


Wow, a wave of advertising with sponsors I recognize from the ’80’s. That must mean that

Happy Birthday Dewey!!!!!!

Now a Surgical Fairy Princess. xoxo MOM