29 Cosmetics or Caudalie with Colour

29 Cosmetics assortment with Line Maker Grape See Eye Pencil in Terroir

Groovy grapeseed make up with sophisticated, vintage colour selections. After several weeks in Asia, there was something relatively comforting about a product that lacked nano-ingredients.

YYC swept past their features counter at Neiman’s San Francisco and uncorked (heh, heh) a few choice items to experiment with in a Napa Valley kind of way.

Love their creamy bronze eyeliner…aka 29 ‘eye line maker’ in EPO4–‘terroir’–formulated to be soft enough to glide along the lash line without tugging at your eyelids.

The ’29’ representative, Dayna, was on hand and very knowledgeable (as is not always the case) about her products; she even volunteered to create some samples of foundation for me to try. Thank you!!

29 Cosmetics assortment with Crush Cheek Blusher and Dew Lip Gloss

I also loved their limited edition highlighting creme blusher in Napa Rouge. WWCC801 (there’s a whimsical name for you)

Check it out. Call NM SF (ask for Erin or Dayna) at 29 Cosmetics – 415-362-3900 x 2122 or toll free 877-634-6264

ADDENDUM Jan 10, 2008:

Hi Ashlene,
I’m going to connect you with the source, Darlin’…..
Erin Murray at NeimanMarcus San Francisco is my secret weapon.
They tend to be a Mecca for cosmetic finds….sort of what Harvey Nics and Bendel USED to be…..
her email is: erin_murray@neimanmarcus.com
phone: 01.415.362.3900 Extension 2121 (DON’T talk to anyone BUT ERIN….trust me, she’s WORTH the wait!!)

She can give you the scoop on the product (VAT free) As well as the other cutting edge brands that this particular store seems to have instant access to……(her current fave is: TRUE)

Happy hunting

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