“We’re Not Some Banks”

Colonial Bank catch phrase

Ah, that wonderful world of Advertising.

Colonial Bank:
‘We’re Not Some Banks.’

Well, that’s catchy.

How ’bout, Colonial Bank—We Really Aren’t A Bank At All.
Now. I like that. It instills a “Folksy” kind of confidence. Too Bad Andy Griffith couldn’t do a voice over.

Forget the FDIC, Deposit Slips, Vaults. Just pull up to the drive through with a sack of loot and we’ll deal with it. Maybe we’ll put it in your ‘account’……(not that you really have one….because we aren’t ‘some banks’) maybe not.

Maybe we’ll just blow it for you at the Wing House conveniently located nearby (for us, that is….we have lunch there daily)….or perhaps we’ll “invest” it for you at the ‘Hard Rock Casino’ off I-4 near Lakeland, Florida.

We just don’t know.

And, neither do you…….

After all, we’re not ‘Some Banks’……..

P.S. We do provide daycare/adoption services for a fee. That’s why there’s a kid on our logo. Be sure to ask our tellers about some of the additional features of opening a business checking account with us.

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