Thanksgiving Scarf

I like to think of this Hermes Colour story (Fuchsia, Yellow and Spunky Electric Blue) as a testament to a Thanksgiving Potluck with Steven Tyler and Keith Richards.

Hermes scarf Texas Wildlife

Yeah, I’ve seen many versions of Hermes’ Kermit Oliver Classic: ‘Flora and Fauna of Texas’….and, I mean what respecting hostess doesn’t Haul out their silk square at least once a year in honour of ‘le dinde’?

Of course, I’m not sure either Steve or Keith should be allowed to take a turn at the Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife (and yes, I know it really doesn’t qualify as heavy machinery….).

Cook-in-bag turkey

Probably best not to deep fry the bird since flash fires… and feathers (theirs, not the turkey’s), bandanas and the like are a real liability–not to mention a bummer mid meal.

At any rate, I’ve heard their brownies are a real trip. (^^)

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