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Vintage Versace at Golyester LA

Golyester (136 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California) is a Treasure trove (Takara kuji!!!!) of vintage “finds” including Versace owned by the lovely Morgan Fairchild.

Great display and truly a selection that merited longer than the mere hour I was allotted for my personal ‘fun.’

I’m really looking forward to wading though their catalogue of lovely dresses, bags and shoes–blasts from the Past.

At Golyester on La Brea

Owner Esther Ginsberg has compiled a collection that is truly noteworthy and staff Zoe, Amy, Andi and Laura are widely knowledgeable and can guide even the novice fan through their racks with ease.

I was “wow-ed” and I see a LOT of clothing.

Golyester Vintage Clothing accessories

If you are in the Los Angeles area and hanker for a taste of beautifully crafted garments that you won’t see anywhere else (at least this side of the Pacific/Atlantic) DO stop by Golyester Vintage (323-931-1339). It’s not the CC/LV that might be thrown onto that collective heap (as magnificent as that might be) it is the STUFF that inspired such dreams……

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