A Trump for Trump

I guess he’s ‘Hired’ (Can I write that or did he patent it, too?) as a landlord, anyway.

How The Donald managed to lure Gucci to rent 45,000 square feet in the former Asprey slot–making it Gucci’s largest flagship in the Universe (hey, I could have phrased it differently, but I’m sure Mr. Trump would agree) is a true wonder. Of course, I’m still trying to figure out how Asprey (soon to move house to their new digs on Madison and 71th–word has it) envisioned their gig in Trump Tower to Fly its course. After all, while a staple for the ‘Horsey Set’ in London–Asprey (especially sans Garrard) is hardly a household name in the US. And, while we’ll assume they did get a good rate for the location, that’s a lot of neckties and sweaters to cover overhead. Not that I don’t groove to those purple and white boxes….

purple Asprey boxes ready for Christmas

YYC still votes for Gucci to pull a coup and manage this transition (especially with Louis Vuitton one block up the road) with ease. Ah, Tom Ford, where are you when they need you (don’t forget your sunblock)? Wonder if Mouret has a solid gig yet…..guess it will be worked out by 2008, after all, it’s only a few hours and counting until 2007.

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