Acne Jeans

Black Acne jeans

From Jeffrey, New York (Thank you, Charles Battalio–you sweet thing) 212-206-1272/449 West 14th Street NYC**

Acne Jeans
: ‘If the Jeans don’t Fit, I quit’….eating, that is. Okay, ode to Johnny Cochran. Whatever.

These denims fit like a glove and the rise is not as shallow for fit, which is great news if you are over 20, have hips, aren’t in drag, eat more than 345 calories a day. Enough Said.

Good Black…and golly, it looks like the dye may stay intact. I’d wash ’em first anyway……

Acne jeans from Jeffrey

**Check out this Fab Store. Jeffrey’s fashion edits are downtown’s guide to all that’s worth wearing. It’ll also galvanize your 2007 diet plans since I don’t think they buy anything over an Italian 40. Bring a girdle.

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