Add a Coke and some Style

yumyum's Lagerfeld Coca-Cola bottle

Chanel Style, that is… part of the campaign for the product: Coca-cola Light in France, M. Lagerfeld designed a bottle fashioned with his silhouette and actually photographed the ad campaign. ooooh la la.

Ad campaign for Coca-Cola Light by LagerfeldPhoto: Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola via

And, truth be told, if you really want to wear CHANEL’s Cruise ’11 Collection (gasp, it’s h-e-r-e-e-e-e-e) you’re going to need get used to LIVING on this stuff and little else (…well, “coke” and cigarettes are probably FINE……).

Karl Lagerfeld prefers to imbibe his “Coco” -Cola Light in a favourite Lalique ‘goblet’, wearing fingerless gloves ….. …..OHPLEASELETMEWRITEWHATIWANTTORIGHTHERE……..and I think I’m just gonna KEEP my vivid imagery to myself (my lawyer thinks it’s best)……

So, Cheers, Salut, Compei and all that Fizz.

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