Wow, a wave of advertising with sponsors I recognize from the ’80’s.
That must mean that we’ve come of age.

Enter: Jon Bon Jovi

‘Singer, Songwriter, PHILANTHROPIST, father—this is what people picture when they think of me’….

No Jon, you are ‘living on a prayer’ (and a wing)…and some Advil.

People think of Big Hair.
Maybe of New Jersey.
They think of that guy in your band that landed Heather Locklear and dumped her for her best buddy: (yeah, people picture an astrophysicist with a clipboard)-Denise Richards.

No One thinks of philanthropy that I know.

Cut a check to: Ryota Shiga for Fukushima and the Runway for Japan charity in his hometown of Fukushima…. and I will indeed rethink my hypothesis.

I’m gonna take one.

  1. Ken

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