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Green at the Gills?
Okay, as most Pro Make Up Artists will attest, the real key to flawless (Clean) make up is foundation and concealer.
The answer here IS NOT Sephora. Yeah, I’m a Junkie. I have more Nars Blush than François in the drawers, but that said, the important part of the equation is understanding the primer/base and foundation.

Colour is like candy. We gravitate towards it and love to see it POP!

But, if the rest of the palette is off, good luck–you’ll get more of a PLUNK.

#1) Figure out your skin tone. Are you cool, warm, neutral? (and this rule applies to people of all colour/nationality).

#2) Is your skin Dry, Oily, T-Zone—Normal?

These factors will change the way that a cosmetic base affects your complexion.

Viseart colour corrector (one of my personal faves) offers a range of hues to augment and rectify boo boos, blotches, splotches and more…..Sold in-house at Takashimaya, New York as well as online at Alcone—well worth the investment for a palette that yields itself to all sorts of imperfections.

Additionally: Alcone’s Kryolan (Doesn’t that just sound like the an arch enemy of Superman????) assortment of natural base colours is also an Awesome (“Dude”) way to experiment with texture and hue.

Green masks red.
Blue masks veins and under eye circles.
Yellow (banana) puffs out the area and makes it appear healthier.

Monet, here you come…….

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