Alli Diet Supplement

Alli Orlistat kit

SKIDMARKS, anyone???

Alli diet supplement Treatment Effects
‘Treatment effects.’

Wow, that’s a euphemism worthy of a score of ad execs.
So Subtle.

Too bad they couldn’t weave a colloquial worthy of: ‘gas with oily discharge.’
Somehow, in my mind that conjures a mental image that I won’t relay.

What about the suggestion that ‘some women might opt to wear a pantyliner’ during the initial usage of ‘Alli‘?????

I think perhaps a biology lesson is in order. While Mr. Scott may indeed warn that ‘It’s gonna blow…..’ well, it’s still nice to know the portal to watch.

Alli height weigt Chart

AND, well……So, as much as I’d love to lose that extra five pounds before bikini season (not that I’ve ever worn one…)…..somehow, if I really wanted to use laxatives to purge, I think I’d just opt for the $4.99 box of ex lax and be done with it.

REMEMBER, it’s FDA approved (Whew, now that makes me feel as comfortable as ‘Homeland Security’ kids…..)

Maybe I’m missing the point.


Ask Yourself.

Would YOU choose Wynonna Judd as a spokesperson for your weight loss programme?
Why not Chris Farley….(oops, he’s dead).

I think it’s time for a Madison Avenue intervention.

Would I use Alli? DEPENDS…

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