Okay. I love Strolling down Worth Avenue.
I enjoy shopping in Chanel, Hermes…..

Better Still–Rue Cambon, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore…..

Still, it’s hard to beat ‘Popping Some Tags.’

After you know all the prices (and have paid them FULL RETAIL, thank you very much),

After you’ve learned all the “seasons” (designer collections),
artisan stamps,
hidden serial numbers…..

—and then you find some cast off by the children/friends/spouse of the original buyer in a Bin for 99 Cents (that SAME Jacket that you paid $7999.00 for over a cup of bad coffee on Rodeo Drive)….well, it does cause a shiver.

First, you think it’s a fraud. It must be a FAKE (Oh, GOD, Dear GOD, it MUST BE)

It’s not.

You really can’t take it with you.
(Tell that to Tut)

All these things that we covet, hoard, desire….well. Fair game.


Therefore, I dedicate this post to MACKLEMORE and Ryan Lewis. (Is it just me or does he kinda look like Ryan Gosling?) and THRIFT SHOP FEATURING WANZ

(thank you, Damian)

This just may become my new Anthem.

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