Asian Helper

Asian Hamburger Helper

Well, well….hasn’t Betty (as in Crocker) gotten P.C. in her old age.

Admittedly, I’ve whipped up drums of this stuff throughout the years (‘cheeseburger’…aka….macaroni and ‘American cheese food product flavoured dry sauce mix’ has always been a Best Seller in my kitchen (reading that should actually put the fear of God in you).

Cooking Asian Helper

Let’s see—–(doing my Church Lady impression with requisite Dana Carvey smirk)—–There’s China, and Thailand, and Vietnam…there it is, Vietnam…just sitting there on the map waiting to be invited….
and let’s see….there’s Korea! Oh Looky, Korea has a North and a South…………

Well, isn’t that “Special”…….
and over there is Japan…..

(okay, enough)
So General Foods has deigned it a bit too complicated to identify this whole ‘Asia’ thing.
(but then, so do the baggage handlers at United)

I mean-if you really need to pare it down to comprehend stuff–how ’bout some Native Cuisine.
No–not Cherokee Helper, forget Tribes/States/Borders (Betty did).

Let’s do: ‘North American Helper’
which would, I guess, be a packet of maple syrup, a bag of taco chips and some ‘American cheese food product flavoured dry sauce mix,’ eh?

Hamburger Helpers in Tokyo

Frankly, I’d never dream of preparing ‘Asian Helper’ without at least TWO ‘Asian Helpers’
Go figure.


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