Enter Aquarius. 21 January (and not a moment too soon for many of us)
Aquarius is a conceptual sign interested in inventions, gadgets, computers, widgets, humanity (versus that messy one on one stuff), and idealism.

The natives are…well…..restless. If you are seeking that emotional one on one body that gives you an epiphany of the soul (yes, Ms. Scorpio — that means YOU) this can be the wrong place to knock.

Aquarians are broad minded, eccentric and contrary in ways that might make Taurus look flexible. (audible Gasp from the gallery). Just move a piece of their furniture and see what happens…. They don’t give a flip– as a rule–to what the rest of us think about their personal style, but they do make strides to chisel the mark of innovation to whatever they touch. These people area ingenious.

Very good with groups and in groups, they are independent and bright. Excellent at networking (especially if there is a dash of Sagittarius or Leo thrown in the mix for good FIRE measure). Aquarian women are often the most beautiful of the zodiac.

As you can see, I don’t hang with many Aquarians (more’s the pity) but Paul Newman, Robert Wagner, Farrah Fawcett, Cybill Shepherd, Heather Graham, wait for it…..and Yoko Ono round out the list….) are all members (in true Aquarius ‘group speak’) And, I didn’t say they were ALL beautiful.

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