June 21-2:07PM EDT: Cancer emerges from the surf — doing that Imperial Crab sideways approach (which is actually how they prefer to face most things after accessing how they will affect them).

Cancer is ever security minded (both personal and financial)–they are often fearful that whatever they have will not be enough to carry them through those tough times. This can play out through either insecurity in general or single focused ambition.

Intuitive, not much gets by the Natives born under this sign. Of course, they could have some wild Midheaven placement that might twist their normally conservative approaches into turmoil. But, we’ll just assume they’ve got it locked down tightly and only take it out during adverse lunar cycles. Good thing, too, as those claws are SHARP.

Intuitive, they gauge a situation first by experiencing it emotionally, then digest, then react. The women native to this sign generally find some unpleasant compromises between work and family life, never quite feeling that they can do both — usually motherhood suffers as the career wins. They, however, are unaware of this because it would pain them too much to face the truth. (And, NO, my mother was not a Cancer and neither am I –this is not a personal vendetta.) The men usually have a secret desire to open a RESTAURANT (oh No).

They are tenacious, traditional, opinionated and driven. The consummate professional. Watch them (not only do they steal all the stationery, pens and whatever else isn’t manacled beyond their ambit of reach)–they’re also watching YOU.

They tend to hoard a lot of junk that they fear will be needed immediately upon disposal. Hence, stray papers, hotel cutlery, extra packets of ketchup from Mickey D’s– well, if it isn’t nailed down, it’s probably found a way into a closet or drawer in the Cancerian’s home.

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