Oh you naughty goats…..climbing your way through life step by step….(you get faster as you get older) you aim for the top of the peak. You usually reach it. Not without obstacles, but once you hit your stride, you’re unstoppable. You are loyal, steadfast, patient, plodding, methodical and exasperating (trust me, I know too many of you)…..well, let’s just say you often ‘draw’ less structured souls into your life who resist regimentation. By 40, you can easily be a CEO of any Fortune 500/top Nikkei Company. Tireless, you work hours that others can’t fathom. Many see you as lacking in emotion, but you compartmentalize your love/family life from your career. And, you do it seamlessly.

The year ahead promises changes that you have worked for, but may not be ready to accept due to the ramifications of your promotions. Movement–perhaps not planned– can spook the Goat, but Capricorn is more than capable to transition. Watch your knees, bones, teeth—these may require some physical tweaking this year, but as always you can well ride out the storm on your four hooves.

Fave Caps:

Dennis Sheehan
Addision Sheehan
Jim Carrey, January 17, 1962
Kevin Costner, January 18, 1955
William Towers
Yong Ki Shin
Mr. Liu Wei
Ryota Fujimaki (藤巻亮太, Fujimaki Ryōta) (b. January 12, 1980)
Nicholas Cage, January 7
Junichiro Koizumi, January 8
David Bowie, January 8
Elvis Presley, January 8
Yoko Sykes, January 8
Gary Oslebo
George Summers

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