Gemini-May 21-June 22 (but, just for fun kids—these dates CAN vary year to year by a day based on the astronomical revolutions, go figure).

Gotta love ‘em (just don’t hold too tight…). Charming, Blithe, Witty, But don’t expect them to stay as long as they said they would. They’re here, there, well—sometimes. Hope they don’t owe you money.

Multi-talented and tasked, they have energy that leaves the rest of us in their dust.

Boredom and Routine—Two Killer words in the multi-lingual Gemini vocabulary.

They hate dim people with slow Pentium chips—and have the attention span of your average four year old. That said, they are incredibly facile with gadgets. They “JUST DO IT” (who has time to read that freakin’ manual anyway?).

They are adept writers, and can manipulate those around them like the characters of a short story that they may write (who has time to write a freakin’ novel anyway). In their lives they will have a score of incarnations, friends, lovers and careers.

That said, fortunately (and they are lucky) most of these quicksilver personalities are marked in either Taurus (the sign before) which adds stability and trustworthiness—or Cancer which adds ambition, drive and thrift.

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