You know you’ll do anything for a quick round of applause. The natives of Leo strive more for an ‘I thank you’ than most do for a bag of cash. There’s something noble in this day and age.

Extremely proficient, the Lioness is often found leading causes of all types. Not because she strives for the position, but because others recognize the innate ability and hoist it upon her. She can’t refuse her public.

Charismatic, proud, they possess a surprising naïveté. While they can be more critical and demanding if marked in Virgo–more driven or selfish if Cancer, in general there is a generosity of spirit.

Men’s men, Women’s women. They will rise to the occasion. (Let’s not forget that mane–some of the best hair in the zodiac.) They can be prone to bouts of hypochondria….not that you read it here. A little TLC usually is JUST what the doctor ordered. RX for success–tell LEO just how much you appreciated what ever it is they just did.

They Reign from the end of July through the third week of August. FYI, they are a FIXED sign (immovable like the bull — Taurus — and the water bearer — Aquarius …..and Ms. Scorpio, who would probably prefer not to be mentioned as she lies in wait (Ticking). Don’t touch their stuff. Don’t move their furniture.

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