….of course, fashionably late (rhymes with procrastinate). What would a dose of the Scales be without that not quite on time feeling? Honest, I did mean to write this to post on 23 (at the latest) September–it just wasn’t quite….er, perfect.

So therein lies Libra. Although often the September natives have a headier dose of that aesthetic than the October Ilk (welcome to the world of ‘decanates’–or dividing the 30 degrees of each zodiac sign into three subsets.) Warned you this was once a ‘Science’ (pause for the requisite homage.)

Libran guys are pretty and the gals are handsome and such is the ongoing fare of the ever seeking balance. To be fair (and that’s ever important to this gang….seriously–toss off that phrase in an argument and they will pause to weigh judgment) they do try earnestly. They WANT you to like them. Hell, they want Everyone to like them. No easy feat. No wonder they procrastinate.

Yeah, they also vacillate. Which tie, which skirt? The men can have more cologne in their stash than the women. Is today really a Creed ‘Himalaya’ day or is it Bulgari ‘Black?’ (This can take ten minutes—let’s not rush things.) But for life’s major decisions–marry, divorce, move to Kathmandu—well–that’s not so tough. Watch them fill out the visa application, marriage certificate and shell out for tickets in less time than you can say–‘For God’s sake Cheryl, if you really don’t want what you order you can eat mine.’ Want to make a Libra sweat (what an ugly word–they prefer: ‘perspire’—Force ’em to pick a movie (they prefer the word: ‘film’) or demand that they order first at a restaurant. Whoa.

Inevitably no shortage of suitors, Ms. (Mr.) Libra can ooze the Hallmark clichés that make their partners presume they are far more in love than reality (in their world) would have it. I suggest that you wait to get it in Print. They do talk a good game. It does sound lovely. And, maybe they genuinely feel it. Although, probably not. Feelings are kind of messy. And, Unfair. But, they do like you. YOU LIKE THEM DON’T YOU?

They love love, love a well decorated room, soft lighting, pretty wrapped things, fresh roses (they even hum to Muzak). Librans smile and nod nicely to the people they pass in the street. But their inability to confirm a decision does tend to make them watch the door—after all, it only makes sense to be sure that you really are Prince (charming)—I mean, what if the REAL deal waltzes in with those diamond Manolo Blahniks after they said, er, ‘I THINK I do….’ Sounds shallow? They just want to be FAIR. That means: No One will get special preference. Not them, Your cousin Bernie, YOU, that guy handing out copies of the Bhagavad Gita near Terminal Two, the lady that took their 48 cents for a pack of gum. And, yes, they do canvass to get a quorum…Never presume that you are the ‘be all’ ‘end all’ that they will so lovingly lead you to believe. Unless they are ‘marked’ (have a strong abundance of planets) in Scorpio. In that case, hire a food taster.

And, lest you think I (the writer) am Jaded as a woman scorned…. I am a Libran. Which is WHY this post is so darned late.