Better late than never (and trust me, that’s a true Sag motto)…..November 22 – December 20.

These Sagittarius natives have too many people in line for their sage wisdom (none of which they take themselves). Known for their keen wit and ‘horse sense,’ they have an uncanny sense of timing. Most especially with lotto, daily doubles and yes, even slot machines.

Ruled by Jupiter, these expansive individuals travel the globe–in their mind IF not literally. Restless for knowledge, they have an innate belief that everything happens for a reason.

Lucien heading out the door

Of course, they must have wheels. Sag can’t be stuck in one place or Cabin Fever erupts with a vengeance. ‘It’s hard to hit a moving target’ is their motto and it’s served them well.

Philosophical, they view life as sets of learning experiences that they will share with you until you duct tape their mouths shut. Go for it. They are athletic and never shy away from championing a cause or underdog. Sagitarrians can be judgmental and often things blurt uncensored from their mouths (insert foot here), but they mean well and the intent usually spares them that karate chop they deserve.

Minor health issues may crop up for these individuals in the early months of 2009–but should subside by the second quarter of the year with proper attention.

YYC’s Fave Sags:

Lucien S-P (November 29)
Jaden Nakata (November 22)
Minnie Aleene (December 17)
Grace C. (December 8 )
Norman Summers (November 29)
Britney Spears (you go, Girlfriend)
Bob Dodson (the man, not the cat)
Laurence Moens
Gianni Versace (December 2)
Uncle George (November 22)
Max Baer aka ‘Jethro’ (December 4)
Steve Buscemi (December 13)

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