…yeah, you know who you are.

Probably one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac–their reputation for passion may at first confuse you upon a chance meeting with a late October (23 OCT-Nov 21) to Mid November Native of this sign. Scorpions are fiercely private (even those like Owen Wilson who portray that ‘mellow groove’ in an almost believable fashion–) they like to play out of bounds and under the radar.

Passion? ooooooh, yeah. Baby. But, that means about music, politics, fuel costs, the way they like their toast, and anything else. That’s a lot of passion. Better pack well.

Haunted by slights you did to them when they were 14—(sorry Damian, I really didn’t know you wanted me at that wrestling match…..)….you get one chance. That’s it. Better tread lightly.

Also known for their incredible perseverance and faith in something greater than themselves, these folks are hardwired to win or self destruct. Masters of their own destiny–the smart money rides on them.

Clothing? Black, grey, maroon, claret–file the flamingo pink and neon green for the Aquarians in your life.

Too smart for their own good, you probably don’t have one secret that they won’t discover. Disarm them and lay it on the line at the start. They are much more honourable than they wish they were. They never forget a kindness either.


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