That was an herbal tea with two raw sugar packets and soy milk, right? These natives are less restless than fussy. While mercurial like the Gemini twins, Virgo usually stays to help clear up the dishes and dump the ash trays (which is so annoying because why is anyone smoking now anyway??? Don’t they know that Virgo has ISSUES with shared air, asthma, environmental rights, and a bevy of other topics that usually keep the average Pisces or Cancer man glued to the edge of his seat?

Virgo is constantly thinking (AND MAKING LISTS, AND LISTS). They make painstaking choices that would even leave the average indecisive Libra a tad exasperated, but hey, they have to live with that paint colour a long time. They will tell you exactly how long if you ask, better set aside an hour to listen to the Home Depot saga. God forbid they need to purchase a new mattress. This gang will actually bring a pillow to the store to try out each pillow top option. And, no, I’m not kidding.

They have great suggestions about how to do whatever you need done–they are generally quiet, unassuming, and–damn it—right. Just ask Karl Lagerfeld…or Muse-Claudia Schiffer. Both of them are at work on time. (And if you aren’t, they notice.) The Virgin sports an inordinate amount of stylish and unassuming lads and lasses. They are, like Karl, better suited to stepping into the position of another (such as Mademoiselle Coco—and boy that must Fudge him off) rather than basking in their own glory.

Virgo does tend to have peculiar reactions to foods, climate, skin care products, and just about everything else it runs into……just ask their allergist. They will also have a copy of their medical file handy somewhere within reaching distance.

They have pets even if not kids of their own. Many prefer the company of animals to people; they click. That simple.

They are conservative with their resources–not the most generous of signs (don’t expect a whirlwind shopping trip to Barneys anytime in the near future), but if you want a Waterpik, no expenses will be spared. They will also be there to help you when the rest of the gang who promised undying support fizzles out. Thank yous are not necessary, it’s just part of their job.

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