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Eskimo Kisses

Dateline Tokyo: June 17, 2008. Happy Birthday, Keiju-chan. All my kisses, Eskimo, French and well, you

My Prince (Charming, of course)……

Wow, Finally A COMMITMENT FROM KEIJU. Okay girlfriends, I feel so lucky…… We got the green

Tokyo American Club Takanawa

Bastion of all things foreign (though not necessarily American) in Tokyo has now moved to new

Karaoke at the Big Echo

In my mind, Karaoke is one part Tom Cruise=Risky Business+Bob Seger’s ‘Old Time Rock N Roll’

CREED: Bois du Portugal

Guess that the EU would be euphoric if only the Nation of PORTUGAL could tap into

Ah, Jamin “Puech”

Ah, Jamin “Puech”….such a lyrical name. Sort of like those Polish Bismarck delicacies that are about

Vanilla Blahnik Anyone?

Brit shoe designer: Jimmy Choux has designed a tempting line of footwear resembling Buttercream Treats laden

Bullseye: ever more Target practice!

Phillip Lim 3.1 collection for Target. Well, personally, YYC is seriously jazzed that Target seems to

“Excellent Choice, Madame”

True Fabrications is putting a whole new spin on drinking booze out of a paper bag!

Unicorn Meat

Is this the New Age answer to SPAM? ….and where is ‘Monty Python’ when we need