Balenciaga meets Masai

Jennifer Connelly photographed by David Sims for Balenciaga S/S 08
Balenciaga S/S 08 : Jennifer Connelly by David Sims
Scan from thefashionspot/com/forums

Balenciaga meets Masai. Spring Summer ’08.
Try to catch a gazelle loping across the Mara in these babies.
Sort of an ethnic twist to a long done concept.
Especially wonderful if you have $1500 to burn.

Jennifer Connelly in Balenciaga at the premiere of Reservation Road in Beverly Hills, Oct. 2007

And….behold, the shoe version as seen on the lovely Jennifer Connelly.
There’s a lot going on with those…either you have great legs or serious masochism.
Choose what you don atop these babies with care (I suggest lingerie ONLY).

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