Barbie’s Cankles…..

Uhmmmmm. Well, apparently M. Louboutin (who does indeed speed a lot of time looking at female ankles) has proclaimed that BARBIE (Yes, Mattel, that means YOU) has ‘Fat’ ankles. (He’d really have fun with my 1962 Midge.) I’m a bit fearful of what he has to say about her waistline. Perhaps FatFarm Barbie is not too far behind. And, speaking of behinds………(OH, Mon Dieu)

Svelte Babette (okay, Barbie….’when she’s ‘At Home’…..’) will celebrate her debut over the next coming months with a promise (from a Louboutin spokesperson) that One of the dolls would be released by the time of the Cannes International Film Festival. Assuming she can shed those final five ounces of plastic. (always the hardest to lose…..) Good luck Babs.

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