Baskin Robbed Me–

Non, Ce n’est pas possible……

Baskin Robbins 26 Flavors?

French Vanilla ice cream is being retired (hopefully to the South of France where it can melt on the Cote d’Azur after years of faithful service).

The ice cream chain announced yesterday that it has opted to axe five flavors from its catalog of scoops.

French Vanilla (one of it’s original flavors), Campfire S’mores, Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Apple Pie a la mode, and SuperFudge Truffle.

Okay, well, I’ve never in 49 and 10/12 years ever experienced the last four…..(okay, you’re so smart, do the math)…..but, French Vanilla? I mean, according to Yahoo (and what other resources matter? I’m hoping Facebook will do further polling investigations as a secondary source) French Vanilla is the single favorite option for ice cream in America.

Is this a communist plot? Dare I suggest: CONSPIRACY THEORY????

So, I understand how the powers that be might decide to ‘deep freeze’ 2004’s ‘Dirt and Worms’ ice cream. Yum, yum…..the stuff with the gummy bits that always tastes like glue gone wrong and winds up stuck in dental work ribboned with chocolate, of course.

Deep Freeze Link:
(aka—the vault that they are carting Monsieur Vanille to……..)

The company is owned by ‘Dunkin’ Brands’….you know, the doughnut people (and, yes, it is not spelled ‘Donut’).

So, maybe as they bump their collective minds together, they should eliminate ‘Glazed’ from the doughnut menu. Just a thought since their creative minds are on a roll.

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