Birthday Wrapping

As a Libran, I am grateful to all my friends who have made time to remember my birthday (which I would prefer to forget)….Thank you, Julianne.

Gorgeous hand embroidered scarf from Afghan Hands

This stole is a beautifully crafted shawl made in Afghanistan by a widow. The project Afghan Hands aids them in supporting themselves and educating them to read:

Afghan Hands teaches skills to help Afghan widows gain independence, literacy, and a livable wages. At our centers in and around Kabul, women learn to create embroidered shawls and scarves, and the exquisite embroidery they make connects them to a wider world…Afghan women, by their own hands, are transforming their lives.

Closeup of the lovely scarf sponsored by Afghan Hands

Truly a lovely gift that keeps on giving—please take a moment to check out AFGHAN HANDS! 212-786-3309

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