Blue Man GROUP?

Well, now even WALMART has gone fancy Botany on us all.

blue orchids at Walmart

YYC has been spoiled by the beautifully primped Blue Roses in the Ginza, Tokyo (10,000 each?). I guess a dozen IS a statement of Love.

Of course, one could do a double back on that old standard:

“Red Roses for a Blue Lady” is a 1948 popular song by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett (alias Roy Brodsky). It has been recorded by a number of performers. The song was revived in 1965 by vocalists Vic Dana and Wayne Newton and instrumentalist Bert Kaempfert; Dana’s version was the most successful, peaking at #10 on the pop chart and #2 on the Easy Listening chart.

–Thank you, Wiki—and to think, I didn’t know there was an ‘easy listening chart.’ There’s a goal for us all to aim for…..

But, Of course as it is Summer and that high SPF time of year, again…a modern anthem: Blue Roses (well, flowers) for a Red Lady.

BAD is BAD. Aloe would be better.

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