Book Assortment for Travel

So you have 15 hours to kill, you’ve seen all the movies that rotate for the month and want a suggestion?

Travel book assortment

As ever, prepping for our next jaunt to that glorious Land of the Rising Sun….and beyond (Hong Kong beckons–add five more hours…..) we decided to get a few titles to burn some time.

Blond Ambition (I’d sue if I were Madonna)—Anna Nicole Smith’s controversial biography (that should be fairly light reading…..)

Stephen Colbert I Am America (God, why hasn’t Dave Barry done this in a while?)

Rocks and Minerals, in case I do decide to date that geologist.

Of course, I could just practice my Mandarin and Kanji, but that might make those fifteen hours seem a bit more like 20. Ohio Gosai Imasssssssssssss.

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