Bread and Butter Letters

‘Bread and Butter’ letters as they were once known, a good thank you is more than sound etiquette, it is a sincere thanks for whatever small consideration.

Kids, it isn’t eaten, worn, or played until the note goes out.

Smythson notecards - Red Boot
Smythson’s whimsical stationery, adorned with personal elements. In this case…these boots were made for ‘talkin’……Red, naturally.

Smythson (my favourite–and, purportedly Sharon Stone’s) Stationery. If not personalized, still good weight card stock and goes much farther than any email. Sole cards can be bought at Papyrus for different occasions and Cranes is fine as a last resort. Save Hallmark and American Greetings to pick up puzzles and overpriced knickknacks.

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