Bursting Bubbles, Toil and Troubles

Amidst the flurry of financial downturns in international consumer spending markets, Yohji Yamamoto is finding more structure imposed on his couture line. Financial as opposed to Sartorial.

Saddled with debts rumoured at 6bn Yen, he has filed for bankruptcy protection under Japan’s Civil Rehabilitation Law — a reorganization of debt parallel to the U.S.’ Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code Protection — which allows businesses to keep their doors open while they restructure the repayment of accrued debts.

Investment firm Integral Corporation has inked a deal to invest in Mr. Yamamoto’s company (as well as that of his daughter-Limi).

Okay…well, God knows I’ve done my part to help with the bail out…just ask anyone at his Omotesando,Tokyo boutique….

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