Capricorn Starstyle

Back to Business. No really.
The Natives of this sign are hard wired to succeed. At any cost. (Your seat may be used as a flotation device.)

The Sun entered Capricorn on 21 December (ho, ho, ho). This is the sign of hard work, diligence and ‘Quid Pro Quo’—-(just don’t ask to borrow any Quid.)

Organized, Capricorn possesses all the Drive that Cardinal signs embody with a dose of sang froid that capital acquisitions and corporate raiding demand. They will win.

Slow starters, romantically shy (not that that is their primary focus….did you say you had a trust fund?)
they will lighten up a bit as they age. Like fine wine….and the balance in their Private Banking Swiss Accounts.

This year (’08) could prove to be a bit of a challenge as Pluto crosses the border into Capricorn on January 26 (Can’t you just hear those Sag and Gemini natives heaving a sign of relief???) Well, it will revisit the cusp a few times in the course of the year. But, Capricorn is nothing if not prepared. Hope your PreNup is iron clad.

Favourite Caps:
Junichiro Koizumi–Former Prime Minister of Japan; January 8, 1942–Yokosuka, Japan
David Bowie January 8, 1947
Elvis Presley January 8, 1935
Yoko Sikes January 8
Gary O. January 14, 1959
Dennis Sheehan January, 1960
Addison (sort of like Cher, he only needs one name)
George Summers, Sr.
YongKi Shin
Liu Wei
Aiko Furukawa (Happy 86th!!!)

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